Since our company began, tax advice has been one of the pillars of Audiconsultores.

It is an essential area that requires a high level of specialisation in the different taxes of our fiscal laws without losing sight of the overall perspective. Only this outlook and continued investment in the management of our team’s knowledge, therefore strengthening their intellectual capital, enable us to align tax laws with the specific needs of each client.

We unite our professionalism with a firm commitment to good practise and respect for the law. There is only one group of people more demanding than our clients: us.

Practise areas

Full, recurring tax advice for companies in the fulfilment of their periodic and occasional tax obligations

Tax due diligence in companies

Business-related services: Legal, Consulting and Labour and HR.


Analysis of the taxation of economic operations and/or assets

  • Writing of technical reports or legal opinions on the application of tax regulations
  • Presentation of enquiries linked to the General Management for Tax

Taxation of payments to directors and members of the administration body

Business-related services: Legal, Labour and HR.


Legal planning and advice in the international mobility of workers

Business-related services: Labour and HR.


Taxation of business groups

  • Optimisation of the business structure
  • Consolidación fiscal.

Transfer rates

  • Documentation for linked operations
  • Planning and risk assessment
  • Advance pricing agreements (APA)

Mergers, demergers, exchange of assets, non-cash contributions and other business restructuring operations

Business-related services: Legal and Consulting.


International taxation

  • Application of agreements to avoid double taxation
  • Internationalisation of the company: tax structure
  • Investments in Spain
  • Declaration of external Spanish investments and foreign investments in Spain, as well as the preparation of the annual report for these

Tax advice on personal and/or family assets including, if applicable, planning for the purposes of inheritance tax

Business-related services: Legal.


Family business taxation

  • Corporate restructuring of family businesses or groups
  • Remuneration policies and dividends
  • Ownership and testamentary succession

Business-related services: Legal.


Specific advice on the taxation of public and/or non-profit entities (third sector) and cooperative societies

Local taxation (IAE, IBI, municipal capital gains, etc.)

Representation and defence of the interests of our clients in their dealings with the Tax Authority

  • Requirements, tax collection, inspection, etc.
  • Assessment and /or representation of our clients in Tax Authority verification or inspection processes
  • Economic/administrative procedure before Regional and Central Economic and Administrative Courts
  • Contentious and administrative resources

Business-related services: Legal.