Labour and HR

In an economic environment that is as complex and changeable as the one we live in today, companies find themselves subjected to intense and continuous legislative evolution in the social and labour fields.

At Audiconsultores, we boast a team of professionals who are capable of freeing our clients from the enormous workload that the punctual and organised administration of staff entails.

We do this through proximity with the client by way of a direct and personalised service, which includes the areas of human resources and, particularly, talent selection and management in organisations. This is an essential service for companies of any size.

Our main objective is to build a relationship of complete trust with the client over time.

Practise areas

Advice in the field of labour law and social security.

  • Strategy and selection of the contractual method.
  • Senior management contracts.*¹
  • International mobility. *²
  • Records of employment regulation.
  • Substantial modifications to work conditions.
  • Special systems: artists, farmers, domestic employees, etc.
  • Pensions, early retirement, etc.
  • Freelancers.

*¹ Business-related services: Legal and Tax.

*² Business-related services: Tax.


Administartion of staff.

  • Staff registration at a companya.
  • Affiliation: registration and cancellation of employees in the social security system.
  • Elaboration of payslips and social security.
  • Preparation and presentation of taxes.*¹
  • Outsourcing and/or shared management with the company.
  • Transition management in situations of company acquisitions, externalisation and/or migration of systems and/or transnational centralisation.

*¹ Business-related services: Tax.


Advice and qualified representation of the company before:

  • Social courts.*¹
  • Syndicates, company committees and representation of workers in general.
  • Management and, when applicable, negotiation in processes of individual or collective dismissal
  • Work and social security inspections.
  • Management of special agreements with the T.G.S.S.
  • Representation and interventions before official organisations (Inspección de Trabajo, SEPE, INEM and TGSS).

*¹ Business-related services: Legal.


Elaboration of specific studies related to labour services and human resources.

  • Qualified and/or independent expert reports for the provision of employment regulation records.
  • Analysis and optimisation of labour costs.
  • Due diligence.*¹ procedures.
  • Compensation and reward systems.
  • Tax optimisation of remuneration systems .*²

*¹ Business-related services: Legal, Tax y Consulting.

*² Business-related services: Tax.


Talent management.

  • Definition and establishment of operational models for the basic functions of the HR Department.
  • Professional development: performance evaluation systems, professional career, succession (success factor), etc.
  • Design of specific programmes for the conciliation of work and family life, flexibility and shared work.
  • Assessment of the work environment.

Assistance and coordination in the following processes:

  • Negotiation of agreements (sectorial and company).
  • Selection of staff and head hunting.
  • Coaching para el personal directivo.
  • Coaching for management staff.*¹
  • Occupational health and safety.
  • Continued training.
  • Contracting of civil liability insurance for temporary displacements.

*¹ Business-related services: Labour and HR.