Every company is a different world. For us, that world is everything. With this conviction, we work closely with the client to discover their specific needs in order to successfully address their coverage.

Only through this direct relationship can we become the strategic consultants and/or financial economists that many companies need, and therefore aid their management team and directors in decision makings.

Responsibility for the wide range of services that companies need in this field according to the stage they are at (corporate, restructuring, business plans, strategies, viability plans, etc.) is assumed by our sector professionals through their expertise and our full involvement in the plans, needs and goals of the client.

Because in Audiconsultores we have been working for years to make the complex easy. In other words, the more difficult it is for us, the easier it is for the client.

Practise areas

Strategic and business consulting for the administration and/or management bodies.

  • Direct and personalised advice
  • Assistance and coordination in the preparing of the strategic plan.
  • Advising and preparation of business plans.

Advice on the economic management of the company.

  • Monitoring and support of the administration and financial management teams.
  • External management control.
  • Interim (personnel) Management.

Accounting services.

  • Accounting advice.
  • Preparation and supervision of accounting department.
  • Undertaking of annual accounts.
  • Accounting and tax consolidation. *¹
  • Economic and financial report based on US GAAP and NIFF.
  • Elaboration and presentation of periodic financial reports to the CNMV.
  • Technical support in the establishment of accounting management platforms.

Related services: Legal y Tax.

*¹ Related services: Tax.


Establishment of management and budgetary control systems.

  • Specific design and preparation of periodic economic and financial information systems.
  • Integral control panel.
  • Budgetary control.
  • Review and control of the fulfilment of the economic and financial clauses of licence contracts signed by our clients.
  • Analysis, design, establishment and/or supervision of internal control systems.
  • Full back office service for subsidiaries or branches of international companies.

Financial Advise.

  • Planning and strategies for the improvement of the financial structure of companies and/or groups of societies.
  • Management of liquid assets.
  • Support and assistance in negotiations with financial entities and/or other institutions (whether they be public or private). *¹

*¹ Related services: Legal


Elaboration of specific economic and financial reports.

  • Evaluation of companies.
  • Qualified and/or independent expert reports.
  • Elaboration of sectorial analysis.

Restructuring of companies.

  • Elaboration of viability plans.
  • Economic and legal assistance and support in operations involving the restructuring of debt.
  • Economic and legal support services to the debtor in an insolvency process.
  • Support in the search for public and/or private financing.

Related services: Legal, Labour and HR.


  • Full assistance in company acquisition or sale processes.
  • Due Diligence in company purchase processes.
  • Internal succession plans.

Related services: Legal, Labour and HR.


  • Personalised assistance for the entrepreneur.
  • Full outsourced management.
  • Assistance in the process of attracting private investors and/or public/private financing, ranging from FFF (family & friends) to possible IPO (initial public offering).
  • Mentoring.

Related services: Legal, Tax and Labour and HR.