About us


Audiconsultores ETL Global is a way of understanding the business world through service, professionalism, proximity and trust.

Audiconsultores is – we are – a dynamic, multidisciplinary team of lawyers and economists formed by over 50 professionals, all of whom have solid experience with a wide spectrum of sectors and clients on a local, national and, of course, international level.

Since 1985, we have offered a complete advice service with the same vision: the success of our clients is our success. Working with effort and eagerness is the best manner to demonstrate our commitment to them.


There is only one way to begin: with our principles. At Audiconsultores, they are the foundation for everything we do. Maximum exactitude, commitment to clients, the spirit of self-improvement, professionalism, a profound sense of effort and respect for the law are the values that guide our way of acting, thinking and, in short, being.

We have a unique purpose: to achieve excellence. However, the manner in which this is achieved is just as – if not more – important than reaching excellence.

We are what we do. Our values are our main asset.