The business world is subject to continuous legislative activity and we must all be prepared to adapt to it.

At Audiconsultores, we help business owners to confront that reality. Our legal services are specialised in each branch of commercial law, with special emphasis on the sectors of corporate law, tax law and employment law.

The aim: to guarantee our clients complete legal assistance. To achieve this, we dedicate maximum effort in order to offer, every day, response ability, agility and flexibility in each of our actions.

Practise areas

Comercial law.

  • Full legal advice in companies law, from the birth of the legal entity to the extinction of its legal personality
  • Commercial contracts
  • Commercial agreements, distribution agreements and licence agreements
  • Corporate actions

Corporate compliance, corporate governance and corporate liability.

  • Legal advice on the regulatory compliance that may affect the company due to its activity
  • Legal advice on the fulfilment of regulations regarding corporate governance
  • Legal outsourcing: legal secretaries, legal advisers and/or “internal” lawyers
  • Audit for the identification of the main liability risks that may exist at the company, addressing their specific characteristics: activity, size, culture, etc.
  • Design and implementation of a corporate liability prevention model based on the defined risk map, including the establishment of a prevention body, reporting channels (whistle-blowing), pertinent sanction and investigation codes, as well as the training required by company employees
  • Monitoring and control of the effective application of the prevention system established

Corporate (Mergers &Acquisitions).

  • Planning and strategy for investment or disinvestment actions
  • Negotiation and writing of purchase contracts and/or partner protocols
  • Legal Due diligence
  • Mergers, acquisitions and acquisitions of interest

Business-related services: Tax and Consulting.


Company insolvency and restructuring. 

  • Legal, economic and labour advice on operations regarding the restructuring of debt
  • Planning, preparation and presentation of the insolvency request as well as its subsequent monitoring, including defence against possible reintegration actions and/or criminal liability in the bankruptcy case

Business-related services: Tax, Consulting and Labour and HR.


Family business.

  • Corporate restructuring of family businesses or groups
  • Advice on the preparation of family protocol and other shareholder agreements (prenuptial agreements) *¹
  • Design of the corporate governance structure suited to the size and basic principles of each family business in particular: assembly and/or family meetings
  • Ownership and testamentary succession *²
  • Mediation and arbitration in conflicts

Business-related services: Tax and Consulting.

*² Business-related services: Tax.


Property law.

  • Assistance with transfers involving all kinds of real estate
  • Registry, land registry, urban and applicable legislation analysis with regards to the property that is the subject of the transaction
  • Property purchase due diligence when dealing with estate agents, hotel companies, etc.
  • Legal design of the transaction
  • Purchasing


  • Civil
  • Commercial
  • Labour
  • Tax
  • Insolvency

Mediation* and arbitration (Alternative Dispute Resolution).

(*) Our office and its various partners and associates are officially authorised to carry out the functions of mediator in the commercial and civil fields

  • Full advice during the pre-contentious stage and throughout the arbitration process
  • Writing of arbitration agreements included in the contracts

Data Protection.

  • General advice on data protection
  • Preparation of projects in accordance with Spanish Law on the Protection of Personal Data and the Regulation EU 679/2016 of data protection (GDPR)
  • Elaboration of reports and resolution of enquiries
  • Writing of contracts, clauses and privacy policies
  • Execution, monitoring and control of the agreed measures
  • Legal audits of the fulfilment of regulations
  • Legal audit of websites and their adaptation to the Law on Data Protection, GDPR and Law 34/2002 of 11 July
  • Management of procedures before the Data Protection Agencies
  • Legal defence in protection of rights procedures and Data Protection Agency disciplinary procedures

Public and/or non-profit foundations and entities  (third sector). 

  • Full advice: civil, regulatory, tax and labour

Business-related services: Tax, Consulting and Labour and HR.


Civil liability and Insurance Law: 

  • Legal representation and defence before all Jurisdictions for legal disputes regarding the insured activity.
    • Civil professional liability (Doctors, Lawyers, Economists, Architects, etc.)
    • Managers and Excutives: D&O
    • Business operation and Industrial Risks (blaze, robberies and multi risks)
    • State liability
    • Circulation and Transport (physical injuries and material damages)
  • Draft of Economical-financial and tax expert reports as a result of an accident or loss.
  • Corporate, tax and accounting advice to insurance agencies, agents and intermediaries (legal advice on common corporate matters and internal management).
  • Analysis and assessment of insurance policies and correct policy issuing.
  • Legal-commercail and/or tax advice of insurance products.

Business-related services: Tax and Consulting